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Lesson on Humility

Every human being is born neutral and is like a clean slate with no pre- conditioned mindset. However, basic human values can be inculcated by parents, teachers, friends, well-wishers and even strangers. Caring and sharing with others will help in stressing the importance of practising these values in our day to day lives. Keeping this in mind, NIVE organized a full day trip to the Akshayapatra Foundation for the students of class IX, New Horizon Gurukul. This was a maiden attempt aimed at reiterating the values which are being introduced to the students in the Values Plus classes.

The children started their visit at 8.30 a.m from their school. Around 80 children accompanied by three teachers from NHG were welcomed by the NIVE team. Post the welcome session, a few inspiring Akshayapatra videos were showcased at the MVT followed by a visit to the Akshayapatra kitchen. The students were awed by the large scale, automated system of food preparation. High hygiene standards and minimal manual involvement were added attractions for them. After the enriching experience, students got an opportunity to honour sumptuous prasadam in the FRDC hall.  They loved it and many took khichdi prasadam/laddoos in ‘donne’ for their parents and siblings too!

Later, the students visited two schools where mid-day meal is being provided by the Akshayapatra Foundation.  They had an opportunity to serve food to the children and some even honoured the meal, a second time. Students were overwhelmed and overjoyed with the entire experience and also participated in the birthday celebrations of a girl child in the Govt. School.  They even entertained the children with songs. The feedback provided by the children at the end of the day gave immense satisfaction to all at NIVE.

Children at NHG requested for such trips more often and understood the values of humility and compassion better than in classroom sessions.

This exercise provided an opportunity for the children to display their care and concern for fellow children and experience the warmth of humanity.