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Ethics Plus

“Human Values and Professional Ethics” is specially designed for MBA & Engineering students. The natural need, and the foundational principle of all education, is to nurture students who will become
• Conscientious humans
• Responsible citizens and
• Exemplary role models in the society.

All global leaders unanimously agree that educational institutions should focus equally on holistic development and not just on academics. This program aims on imparting intense, measurable and successful value and ethics education to students, and to help them to become more than successful individuals by assisting them to grow into a conscientious people, who put humanity before the self.

The program also aims to develop and hone values and professional ethics, required for a corporate career and/or entrepreneurial achievements
Principle-Centered Leadership
• A module designed to help students achieve effectiveness in their journey to successful careers.
• This module helps differentiate between, values, morals and principles.
• Helps with understanding and practice of habits that are formed on natural principles of human society
• Though the course material draws inspiration from ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Dr. Steven Covey, it is adapted and enriched to suit our target audience.
• Course material drawn from and inspired by Chanakya Neeti Sastra
Interpersonal Relationships Management
• The biggest challenge that youth face today is managing relationships
o Personal
o Familial
o Professional
o Societal