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For the last 6 years NIVE has been focusing on value education and today the institution reaches out to students, parents, teachers and professionals. Our programs are scientifically designed and delivered by experts. The programs draw inspiration from the timeless and traditional knowledge of India which helps the individuals to applying the same in their lives. We partner with progressive institutions with a focus to systematically impart fundamental human values required for them to be successful – both personally and professionally.
At NIVE, we are committed to enabling responsible and sensitive citizenry who have the potential to create a new world culture, based on Righteousness, Goodness and Godliness. The experienced and dedicated team at NIVE carefully designs programs that are customized for their end users making the journey an experiential and result oriented.

Today in the Education Space;
Most schools are in the race to provide job-oriented education directed at jump-starting careers with high paying jobs.
Parents too, look to education as the means for enabling their children to get into well-paying, socially acceptable careers
Therefore there are multi-layered challenges which both students and parents encounter in their lives. In the present day, the main causes of value degeneration are:
o Lack of respect for the sanctity of human life
o Breakdown of parental control of children in families
o Lack of respect for authority seen through the brazen breaking of the law and total disregard for rules and regulations
o Exposure to/Abuse of alcohol and drugs at very young age
o Lack of respect for other people and property

Modern day advancement of education with its competitive marking system is creating a market-oriented society. Too much exposure to various media has a undoubtedly heavy impact on the tender/impressionable minds
Considering these points, we believe that the present curriculum is not designed to completely cater to these needs. What the society needs today is a system that fosters holistic development – of not just IQ but EQ and SQ as well (read more)
Imparting right understanding about the Eternal Human Values in the beginning of the student’s life would go a long way in nurturing them into conscientious adults.
Interestingly, the Report of the University Education Commission noted, “If we exclude spiritual training in our institutions, we would be untrue to our whole historical development.”
This is at the heart of our existence!