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Nurture Plus

Nurture Plus is an initiative aimed at collaborating with parents to create a cohesive environment for a child’s value orientation. Our goal is to bring value education in schools to a full circle by engaging with parents and encourage parent involvement.
A step towards Conscious Parenting
All parents want to be good parents. And in their own ways, they are!
But what does that mean? Conscious parenting deals with a set of behaviors that parents need to adopt/focus on consciously to nurture the child’s core abilities. It focuses on positive and constructive upbringing and lays emphasis on building a child’s resilience to the ups and downs of life.
Each child is unique and needs tailor-made techniques to be dealt with. Likewise, each parent’s challenge is different and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to parenting.
Conscious parenting is both an art and a science of uniting positive discipline and gentle & loving guidance that can help raise children successfully.
After all successful parenting reflects in the success of children on multiple levels:
• personal,
• cultural and
• Societal fronts.