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Value Plus

India has a very rich culture and heritage. Our scriptures are a testimony to this! Based on the ageless knowledge that flows from that golden era, we have designed a value education program for schools called Values Plus. This program is run from KG to Class 10. It is an integrated program which is well-blended into the school curriculum.
• Values Plus is designed to help educating the child to harmonize every aspect of his being viz. emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual
• Values Plus education helps synchronize two needs:
o The need to achieve in a competitive world
o The need to be live a value-based life

The program helps students understand that these two needs do not have to be in conflict but instead in concord and our facilitators are here to guide them to that understanding.
• The program helps develop a student’s personality in a holistic manner.
• The program helps imbibe values that shape our relationships, our behaviours, our choices, and our sense of who we are
• The program endeavours to make a child into a responsible and successful adult